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Food at The Viceroy Restaurant


v Vegetable Pakora £2.95
v Onion Bhaji £2.95
v Aubergine Pakora £2.95
v Mushroom Pakora £2.95
v Spicy Potato Fritters £2.95
v Vegetable Samosa £3.50
v Garlic Mushrooms £3.50
v Chana Chaat
(Chick Pea) £2.95
Chicken Pakora £3.95
Mixed Pakora £3.95
Chicken Chaat
(Hot) £3.50
Minced Samosa £3.50
Shami Kebabs £4.50
Prawn Cocktail £3.50
Bombay Prawn Poori
(Sweet & Sour ) £3.50
Punjabi Prawn Poori
(Hot & Spicy) £3.50
Chicken Poori £3.50
Fish Pakora £3.95
Garlic Prawn £3.50

(v)= suitable for vegetarians

Tandoori Starters
A great way to sample our special starters

Tandoori Mahal Platter £6.95
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Chaat Patay, Seekh Kebab

Garden Mahal Platter £4.95
2 pieces of Aloo Pakora, 2 pieces of Aubergine Pakora, 2 pieces of Vegetable Pakora, 2 pieces of Mushroom Pakora

Chef's Specialities


This dish comes only in chicken and is cooked with slivers of chicken breast marinated in Tikka Sauce and freshly cooked in a pan to a Bhoona style of medium strength, served with salad and pilau rice. Chicken Ambala £9.95

Marinated in a special tandoori masala cooked in a tandoor on slow heat to retain all natural flavours with a touch of our house wine, mangoes and fresh coriander. If required extra chillies can be added on request.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95
Tandoori Mixed or King Prawn £10.95

Cooked with fresh ginger; garlic, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn and a touch of brandy. A great deal of experience and expertise goes into preparing this dish. If required extra chillies can be added on request.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95
Tandoori Mixed or King Prawn £10.95
Vegetable £6.95

This dish welcomes you in the evening Cooked with the finest of ingredients and a touch of Scotch whisky, blended with fresh ground spices, Punjabi masala and fresh coriander
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95
Tandoori Mixed or King Prawn £10.95
Vegetable £6.95

This is achieved by cooking meat, poultry or king prawn in a tandoor with special reshmi masala, then treated in chasni sauce with mushrooms, green peppers, ground cashews topped with almond flakes and fresh coriander.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95
Tandoori Mixed or King Prawn £10.95
Vegetable £6.95

Tender tikka style breast of chicken, lamb or king prawn - prepared carefully with selected Punjabi spices, fresh onions, capsicums, green chillies. A delightful hotter tasting dish.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95
Tandoori Mixed or King Prawn £10.95
Vegetable £6.95

Viceroy Masala Dishes

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.50
Tandoori Mixed or King Prawn £10.95
Vegetable £6.95

Pieces of chicken, lamb or king prawns marinated and then barbecued in a tandoori oven then cooked in masala sauce with fresh herbs, garlic and ginger. Full of flavour

Barbecued pieces of chicken, lamb or king prawn cooked with fresh cream, fruit and light spices. This gives a distinctively rich creamy sauce from the Kashmir region.

Chunks of chicken, lamb or pieces of king prawn cooked tikka style then simmered in mild spices in a sauce of fresh cream, a little yoghurt, ground cashewnuts and flaked almonds. This produces a very mild dish.

This dish is prepared in a special sauce made with red wine, yoghurt, ground cashew nuts and fresh cream. A very popular dish from East India cooked to a mild / medium strength.

Chicken, lamb or king prawn marinated in subtle spices, barbecued in the clay oven and then prepared in a delicate sauce of fresh cream, herbs and ground cashew nuts with peeled plumb tomatoes cooked gently in melted butter to a mild, medium strength.

Tender pieces of chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked with succulent prawns, garnished with pineapple in a medium sauce, green peppers, ginger and garlic. Suitable for everyone.

Barbecued pieces of chicken, lamb cooked to a slightly tangy sauce with a little daal and medium spices which can be suit a hotter palate.

Spiced delicacy. Ingredients cooked in own juice with fresh ginger and garlic and fresh chillies, then garnished with fresly ground corriander. This dish is hot and spicy

Marinated chicken tikka, lamb tikka mince and prawns cooked with fresh coriander, capsicums, spring onions and pure Punjabi spices. RECOMMENDED

This dish comes from the famous orange city or Jaipur and is cooked with mushrooms, capsicums, tomatoes and selected fresh spices topped with coriander.

Lamb or chicken tikka cooked with fresh green capsicums and pure punjabi spices. Served in a thick sauce

A milder version of the Jaipuri, cooked with fresh cream and a choice of vegetables

Tender pieces of chicken, lamb or king prawn prepared in a tikka style and cooked with garlic butter and a blend of warm spices giving an excellent dish of medium hot strength

Lamb Tikka, chicken tikka or king prawn cooked with potatoes and sundried apricots with fresh cream and mild spices. A popular dish at South Indian festivals and weddings.

A popular dish in Punjab cooking pieces of chicken, lamb or king prawn with green chilli sauce, tomatoes, capsicum and fresh coriander

Barbecued pieces of chicken, lamb or king prawn cooked in yoghurt and cheese sauce.

Barbecued pieces cooked in fresh garlic and chilli sauce. This is a medium to hot dish finished off with a topping of fresh green chilli.

The above dishes do not include rice.

Viceroy Tandoori Sizzlers

These dishes are marinated for at least twenty-four hours in an exotic sauce blended with freshly ground Punjabi spices, our own Punjabi Masala, fresh herbs and cooked evenly on skewers in a clay oven known as a Tandoor. All these dishes are served with pure Basmati Saffron Rice, salad and gravy sauce of desired strength.

Tandoori Chicken (Leg and breast) £8.95
Spring chicken breasts maririnated in a special spice mixture and cooked in a tandoor

Tandoori Mix £12.95
Consists of quarter chicken, chicken tikka, tikka, king prawn, seekh kebab and nan bread

Lamb Tikka £8.95
Tender pieces of lamb marinated in a special mixture of spices and cooked in a tandoori oven.

Chicken Tikka (breast, boneless) £8.95
Pieces of chicken marinated in a special spice mixture and cooked in a tandoori clay oven

Tandoori King Prawn £12.95
Prawns marinated in herbs and spices and barbecued in a tandoor.

Lahore Chope £8.95
Succulent lamb chop marinated in a yoghurt, garlic and lemon paste delicately grilled in the tandoor

Tandoori Sirloin Steak £11.95
Steak marinated in herbs and spices, cooked in a charcoal oven.

Turkish Kebab £8.95
Selected pieces of lamb fillet, marinated overnight then barbecued in a tandoor

Egyptian Kebab £8.95
Chicken fillet with onions, mushrooms and capsicums.

Seekh Kebab (chicken or lamb) £8.95
Tender lamb or chicken mince with onions, herbs, Indian spices and grilled on charcoal.

Biryani Dishes

Chefs Speciality Biryani £8.50
Boneless chicken, lamb, prawn and mushrooms cooked and seasoned onions and spices, then fried rice added. Served with biryani sauce.

Chicken Tikka Biryani £7.50
Barbecued chicken cooked with onions and fried rice. Served with biryani sauce.

Lamb Tikka Biryani £7.50
Barbecued lamb cooked with onions and fried rice. Served with biryani sauce.

Chicken Biryani £6.95
Pieces of chicken cooked with fried rice. Served with biryani sauce.

Lamb Biryani £6.95
Pieces of lamb cooked with fried rice. Served with biryani sauce.

King Prawn Biryani £10.95

Prawn Biryani £7.50
The above two Biryanies are cooked with onions, fried rice. Served with biryani sauce.

Vegetable Biryani £6.95

Selection of Indian Curries

King Prawn Curry £9.95
Prawn Curry £6.95
Chicken Tikka Curry (breast) £6.95
Lamb Tikka Curry £6.95
Chicken Curry £6.70
Lamb Curry £6.70
Vegetable Curry £6.40

The above curries are available in the following sauces:

Bombay £0.80
Slightly hot, cooked with boiled eggs.

Pathia £0.80
Cooked with mango pulp, lemon juice, tomatoes and spices. Has a sweet and sour taste.

Bhoona £0.80
Cooked with fresh tomatoes, capsicums, spring onions, methi, ginger, garlic, fresh coriander and various spices.

Kashmiri £0.80
Cooked with pineapples or mangoes (please request either). Slightly mild.

Dopiaza £0.80
Cooked with extra seasoned onions and spices, from the Province of Punjab.

Dhansak £0.80
Lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger fresh coriander and a blend of spices.

Madras £0.80
This sauce is fairly hot and spicy, accompanied with a wedge of lemon.

Vindaloo £0.95
This dish is extra hot.

Spinach £0.80
Cooked with Punjabi herb (fenugreek) and in spinach, fresh tomatoes, spring onion and spices.

Vegetable £1.30
This sauce is a mixture of potatoes, cauliflower peas and mushrooms.

Indian Vegetables £1.30
A selection of tinda, aubergines, bhindi (okra)

Chasni £1.30
A tangy sauce, sour and creamy, cooked with mild spices and a wedge of lemon.

Ceylonese £1.30
A fiery hot curry cooked with lemon, fresh green chillies, creamed coconut, herbes and spices.

Mushrooms £0.80

The above dishes do not include rice.
Please request desired strength

Karahi Dishes

All of these dishes are cooked in a Karahi (a type of wok) with the finest of ingredients, blended with freshly ground Punjabi spices, peeled and grated fresh ginger and garlic in cumin butter A great tasty dish.

Viceroy Speciality Karahi £8.50
Chicken, lamb, prawns, mushrooms and onions with rich gravy sauce.

Karahi Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95

Karahi Chicken or Lamb £7.50
Chicken breast with tomatoes and spices.

Karahi Prawn £7.95

Karahi King Prawn £11.95

Karahi Vegetable £6.95
The above dishes do not include rice.

Korma Dishes

Lamb £6.45
Chicken £6.45
Prawn £6.90
King Prawn £6.90
Chicken Tikka £6.90
Lamb Tikka £6.90
Vegetable £5.90

Also available in a choice of vegetables.

All the above Korma dishes are available in the following sauces:

Kashmiri Korma £0.60
Cooked with fruit, either bananas or mangoes, fresh cream, mild spices and herbs.

Bahar Korma £0.60
Very mild dish cooked with fresh cream, coconut, yoghurt, topped with flaked almonds, pistachio nuts and dry fruit slices.

Ghurka Korma £0.60
Another popular Korma, cooked with mild spices, freshly chopped fruit and fresh cream.

Ceylonese Korma £0.60
By far the most popular Korma dish. Cooked with fresh cream, mild spices, freshly peeled spices.

Parsee Korma £0.60
An excellent form of mild to medium strength Korma

A further selection of popular Viceroy Dishes

A strong spicy dish, slightly hot aod cooked with fresh onion, capsicum, green chillies, tomatoes and yoghurt, the original tasty dish. Rice extra

Achari Gosht
A strong spicy dish, slightly sour, cooked with tangy pickle, fresh green chillies and a wedge of lemon.

A special dish from the Moghul area of India. A mild dish cooked with ground cashew nuts, fresh cream, sundried fruits and topped with crushed pistachio nuts and flaked almonds. If required extra chillies can be added on request.

Vegetarian Dishes

Mixed Indian Vegetable Bhoona £4.95
Aloo Mutter Paneer Bhoona £4.95
Mixed Vegetable Curry £4.95
Punjabi Tinda Bhoona £4.95
Aubergine Bhoona £4.95
Kabli Channa Masala
(Chickpeas) £4.95
Dham Aloo Gobi
(Potato & Cauliflower) £4.95
Bhindi Bhoona
(Okra) £4.95
Saag Paneer
(Spinach & home made cheese) £4.95
Mushroom Bhaji £4.95
Bombay Aloo £4.95
Spinach Bhaji £4.95
Tarka Daal £4.95

Also available as Main Dishes £2.00 Extra

Basmati Special Rices

Boiled Basmati Rice £2.00
Saffron Basmati Rice £2.25
Egg Pilau £2.75
Mushroom Pilau £2.75
Peas Pilau £2.75
Vegetable Pilau £2.85
Multani Rice
(Cooked with Egg & Mushroom) £2.85
Special Fried Rice
(Cooked with Pineapple, Mushroom and Peas) £2.85

Tandoori Nan Bread

Nan Bread £2.25
Garlic Nan £2.75
Cheese Nan £2.95
Garlic and Cheese Nan £2.95
Chilli and Coriander Nan £2.95
Garlic and Green Chilli Nan £2.95
Keema Nan
(Mince) £2.95
Vegetable Spicy Nan £2.95
Peshwari Nan
(Sweet) £3.25


Plain Paratha £2.50
Tandoori Paratha £3.00
Mince or Vegetable Paratha £3.25
Plain Chapati £1.00
Special Chapati £1.25
Tandoori Roti £1.25
Special Salad £2.50
Any Curry Sauce £3.25
French Fries £2.00
Fried Mushrooms £2.50

Western Dishes
All Western dishes are accompanied with French Fries and Salads

Grilled Sirloin Steak £11.95
Spring Roast Chicken £6.95
Chicken Maryland £6.95
Fried Scampi £6.95
Haddock £6.95
Various Omelette £6.95
(Prawn, Chicken, Tomato, Mushroom or Cheese)
Chicken Tikka Salad £6.95
Prawn Salad £6.95


A - £13.95

Vegetable Pakora Chicken Korma Chicken Bhoona Pilau Rice Nan

B - £14.95

Vegetable Pakora Chicken Pathia Chicken Madras Pilau Rice Garlic Nan

C - £15.95

Chat Pattey Chicken Tikka Jaipuri Chicken Dopiaza Pilau Rice Nan

D - £16.95

Chicken Pakora Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi 2 Pilau Rice Nan

E - £17.95

Mixed Pakora
Chicken Tikka (main course)
Chicken Kashmiri Korma Pilau Rice Garlic Nan

F - £18.95

Chicken Chaat (hot)
Chicken Tikka Reshmi Masala
Chicken Tikka Chilli Bhooni
Pilau Rice

G - £18.95

Onion Bhaji
Chicken Tikka Jallander Chicken Pasanda Pilau Rice Nan
Mushroom Bhaji (side dish)

H - £19.95

Chicken Pakora
Garlic Mushroom
Chicken Tikka Balti
Chicken Tikka Garam
2 Pilau Rice

J - £21.95

2 Popadoms
Spiced Onion
Choice of any one starter
Choice of any 2 main courses
2 Pilau Rice
Plain Nan

Any changes to above set meals will incur extra charge
*Not including Special Starters, Tandoori Mix, King Prawns and Steaks


All Chicken Dishes can be made with Lamb

4 Popadoms
Spiced Onion
Chicken Pakora
Vegetable Pakora
Chicken Tikka Reshmi Masala
Chicken Ceglonese Korma
Chicken Tikka Garlic Chilli
Lamb Karahi
2 x Pilau Rice
Garlic Nan

Viceroy Special Deals

Viceroy Indian Resatraunt Dunfermline Interior

Buffet Nights

"Eat as much as you like"
6 Starters, 8 main courses, nan bread, saffron basmati rice and sweets
Monday - Thursday: 5pm - 9pm Adults £9.95 / Kids (under 10) £ 4.95

Sunday Special Buffet

2 kids (under 10) eat FREE with 2 adults
£ 9.95

Buffet Lunches £6.50

Available Friday & Saturday 12noon - 2pm - eat as much as you like!

10% Discount

On carry put collections
Monday - Thursday (Excluding Set Meals)